2019 Concours Registry Committee

(Revised 3/1/2019)

Concours Registry Committee Chairman
Randy Hicks 912-417-2404 RandyHicks@me.com
Concours Registry Committee Vice-Chairman
Jim Smalley 360-509-1753 jimsmalley@comcast.net
Big Healey Guidelines Subcommittee
Randy Hicks, Publisher 912-417-2404 RandyHicks@me.com
Michael Salter, Technical Chairman 416-576-0904 michaelsalter@gmail.com
Roger Moment, Technical Editor 303-499-8232 rmoment@comcast.net
    Curt Arndt 760-434-5707 cnaarndt@gmail.com
    John Hodgman 540-460-8680 carolhodgman@gmail.com
    Sean Johnson 206-459-2235 healey@communitynet.org
    Kent Lacy 757-482-2813 hklacy@verizon.net
Judging Subcommittees
Jim Smalley – Judging Chairman 360-509-1753 jimsmalley@comcast.net
    Don Schneider 717-626-8694 dschneid@ptd.net
    Lynn Martin 208-773-2001 Foreverhealeys@frontier.com
    George Baxter 215-932-2760 sales@armyjeepparts.com
Sprite Guidelines Subcommittee
Technical Chairman, OPEN
    Brian Blivens 408-225-7044 bluebery@jps.net
    Nick Conklin 530-272-0500 nconklin@sbcglobal.net
    Bruce Gearns 313-563-5691 bgearns@yahoo.com
    Mike Lazarowicz 419-797-0027 tllaz@cros.net
    Brian Thornton 248-887-7528 healeynut@aol.com
Registrar & Treasurer, Guideline  
Distribution & Web
Mike Osipik 816-729-9119 mikeosipik@gmail.com
Gary Anderson 650-948-5762 Editorgary@aol.com
Roger Moment 303-499-8232 rmoment@comcast.net
Advisory Members to:
                                        AHCA Randy Hicks RandyHicks@me.com
                                        AHCUSA Roger Moment rmoment@comcast.net
                                        AHSTC Don Schneider dschneid@ptd.net

For Guidelines and Concours Badges ordering and pricing information contact:
Mike Osipik – Treasurer/Web Manager
email: mikeosipik@gmail.com
39 East 55th Terrace
Kansas City, MO  64113  USA
Phone: 816-729-9119